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Marron Kaye wrote her first book at the age of 40 in the midst of the pandemic! A long-time lover of soap operas and romantic fiction, she credits her grandmother for introducing her to the genre. She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her two sidekicks, her dogs Connor and Bella. The geography of Llyn Lakes is loosely based on a town nearby to her family’s cottage, which is her forever happy place.

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Piper is new to town and starting over alone. A terrifying encounter in the woods one day sends her stumbling into the care of a brooding stranger. Now, in an effort to protect her from an uncertain danger, they’re thrown into close quarters and spending all of their time together. As their bond grows Aidan reveals the shocking connection between what she witnessed in the clearing and his tragic past.

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The Beach

Lucy likes to have fun. The one-night, no-strings, no-emotions kind. It's safer that way. If she doesn't let anyone get too close then they won't be able to hurt her when they inevitably leave. But lately, this philosophy has left her feeling ... a little empty. Unfulfilled. Lonely. Until one drunken night with the man she least expected changes everything. Now she has a chance for the one thing she thought she'd never have. Will she take it?

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Now you can check in with Piper and Aidan to see what they’re up to five years later. Grab your free copy here!

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And want to know what Lucy and Noah are doing nine years from now? Click the link below!

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Map of Llyn Lakes!

Check out some familiar locations mentioned in the Llyn Lakes series!

Reviews for

The Clearing

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Thoroughly enjoyed this book! I opened the book to read a few chapters and read half of it, and finished it the next day. I easily pictured the characters and book locations in my mind which made it easy to connect with the story and characters. A great and steamy read! Looking forward to more in the series.

-Laura U.

This book was great! The opening scene had my heart racing and wanting to know what happened next. The slow burn between Piper and Aidan was just delicious. Close proximity and forced situations with the immediate tension was just *chef’s kiss*. Can’t wait to read Lucy’s story this summer!

-Britni J.

Couldn’t put it down! I’m not much of a reader, but this was so good. And HOT!!!

-L. G.

The Clearing by Marron Kaye, is a contemporary romantic suspense novel set in a small lake town. It centers around Piper, the town’s new librarian, and Aiden, a handsome, brooding former detective who lives alone in the woods. When Piper stumbles upon a terrifying mystery while on a nature hike, she finds herself in Aiden’s path and then under his protection.

I really loved the writing and plot of this novel. It moves quickly, and will keep you engaged and turning the page all the way to the end. It is romance centered, and the chemistry between the two main characters is electrifying. The suspense aspect of the book weaves seamlessly in with Piper and Aiden’s story, adding twists and turns to the plot that will have you saying, “Just one more chapter.”

The dual point of view is also flawless. I had no problem hearing the difference between Piper’s voice and Aiden’s, and I absolutely loved getting the story from both their perspectives.

Piper and Aiden are both extremely likable and endearing characters, and together they are magic on the page. Piper is kind and big hearted, and I absolutely loved how well developed her backstory and found family were in this book. Aiden is a little bit of the stereotype of the tall, dark, and brooding alpha male, but I adored him. He is the perfect romantic lead for Piper.

-Tracey M.

Sweet love story that builds anticipation of a steamy happily ever after romance.

-Diana S.

The Clearing is Marron Kaye’s first novel and does not disappoint! A small town romance with a dash of mystery and suspense that keeps you hooked from the very beginning. The love between the two main characters Aidan and Piper is palpable and endearing. Getting to experience it from their different perspectives and to feel their connection towards each other grow is a bonus and adds a whole other layer to the love story. A bit of mystery weaved throughout adds extra thrill and intrigue. Exciting from start to finish, this book is a real page-turner that will have you craving more. Cannot wait for the next story in the Llyn Lakes Series!


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I wanted more of Noah when he was first introduced in the first book of this series The Clearing. Marron gave him to us in the best way. At the end of the first book Noah is portrayed as a jerk with perfectionist tendencies. Diving deeper into his story you understand why he is the way that he is.

Lucy is outgoing and always up for a goodtime. She doesn’t care what people think of her, well at least that’s what she makes people believe.

After waking up on the beach the morning after Aidan and Piper’s wedding, Lucy realizes she has a decision to make that can change the course of the rest of her life.

Lucy and Noah, who are complete opposites, find themselves spending more and more time together, and realize that maybe they have more in common than they thought.

I love Noah! He is swoony and favorite book boyfriend material for sure. The text exchanges between Noah and Lucy were the cutest and couldn’t have been more perfect. The swearing and the emojis had me giggling. I loved how Marron developed their story. It wasn’t super slow burn or smack you in the face from the very beginning, but it kept me turning the pages late into the night. Anyone would love a man like Noah, his “research” alone just makes my heart flutter with how sweet he really is. I loved the way Lucy was able to help Noah see that he doesn’t always have to be perfect. She’s such a strong woman and I need a friend like her. I mean who doesn’t want a friend who so freely gives all the details, if you know what I mean. The writing was fluid and made for an appealing page turner. The characters were relatable and the side characters were showcased perfectly throughout the book. I’m excited to read what Marron writes next!


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This book 👏 Let me tell you!

While living an independent lifestyle, Piper finds herself being chased through the woods after having witnessed something she shouldn't have. After stumbling out of the woods on to a property that looks abandoned, she finds herself face to face with Aidan.

Aidan lives an isolated life as he tries to hide from the mistakes of his past. He's instantly attracted to the woman who collapsed on his property and fights to keep his thoughts clean.

This book has so much going for it! The forced proximity just adds to the angst and internal war that Aidan is battling. There was so much back and forth between the two main characters, I was screaming and making sarcastic notes left and right. Don't get me wrong, I was rooting for Piper and Aidan from the beginning but so much could have been solved if Aidan wasn't so indecisive and Piper was a bit more head strong.

At the end of the day, I couldn't put it down. Once the ball gets rolling, it doesn't stop until there are no more words left. I'm excited for her second book coming this summer!


I love a good romantic suspense, and The Clearing is just that. And it starts off fast. I was a little worried the book would drag since it starts off with such an intense scene, but I was wrong. You find out bits and pieces throughout the book, and add in some tension, spice, and strong friendships, and the book is a page turner.


The book is passion-filled and is a definite page-turner from the very first chapter. The story is a perfect mixture of romance, mystery, suspense, and passion. The most memorable are descriptions of passionate scenes, for which the author used the perfect language to describe. The story made me feel alive. I am looking forward to reading another book from this author.


Our book club picked this book because we wanted a light, feel good story. We all loved it. It’s the perfect combination of suspense, romance, and steamy first love encounters. Very interesting read as the author writes from both of the main characters perspectives. We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next novel in this series, The Beach!

-Laura K

A new favorite author! Excellent writing, and the author’s descriptive words paint beautiful pictures and place you right there with the characters, and I love the characters. The protagonist’s thoughts and actions are exactly what mine would be in the same situations. There is some suspense, but this book is mostly about love, and the sex is just right. Highly recommend.

-Annie M.

Reviews for

The Beach

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I thoroughly enjoyed The Beach, it was such a heartwarming story although being a romance newbie the steamy sex scenes were a bit of a shock to the system at first! Having just given birth 4 months ago myself following Lucy and Noah’s pregnancy brought back a lot of fond memories for me which was a lovely bonus. Overall I would recommend The Beach, and will be going back and reading The Clearing!


This was a super cute read. I’m not usually big on pregnancy in books but it worked for this one. I loved seeing glimpses of characters from the first book in this series and enjoyed seeing everything moving forward for everyone. I loved the wooing and while there was some miscommunication which i usually hate it was actually super relatable and worked. Definitely can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

-Britni J.

Can I be jealous of a literary character, because I am! Another amazing book by Marron Kaye. This book was the perfect mix of sweet, spicy, humour and real emotion. I completely fell in love with Lucy and Noah - where can I find my own Noah?!

I couldn’t get enough of their story, their banter and their emotional and sexual tension that builds throughout the book keeps you reading. When is book 3?!? I need more from this writer!

-Laura U.


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